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– Fire pit table – FAQ

//– Fire pit table – FAQ
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Fire tables are tables with a gas fire pit installed in the tabletop.

The customer can indicate which size the table should be and where a fire pit can be made, using an insert gas burner, also called a fire pit insert.
Terras & Co has the largest product range of complete, ready-to-use fire tables and DIY insert gas burner kits. We also produce custom made fire tables in our associated, traditional workshop.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can a fire table run on propane and on natural gas?
A fire pit table is suitable for propane OR for natural gas.


What is the difference between natural gas and propane?
Natural gas (methane) has, in many countries, a fixed connection from home or premises. Propane is gas in bottles that can be refilled.


Can a propane burner be converted to a natural gas burner?
This is possible with most burners, but costs are charged by some manufacturers.


What is the gas consumption of a fire table on natural gas and on propane gas?
A fire pit of 40 × 40 cm consumes 0.8 M3 of natural gas per hour and burns for 24-26 hours on a propane bottle of 10 kg.


Why is it that a propane bottle sometimes freezes despite good weather?
The contents of a propane bottle is liquid and is converted into gas through the pressure regulator.
If the fire pit is at its highest setting for a long time, it requires too much conversion at the same time and the remaining contents of the bottle slowly freezes. The fire will diminish and maybe go out at the end. But, liquified to frozen gas remains in the bottle. The frost on the outside of the bottle shows the residual content.
After about 20 minutes, the fire can be ignited again. Freezing occurs sometimes with the bottles of 5 kg. We therefore recommend using the gas bottles of 10 kg, which are less prone to freezing.


Can the fire pit and the table remain outside in winter?
The fire table can stay outside in the winter and can also be used.
Never store a wooden outdoor table in a heated environment.
A protective cover for outside furniture is better, but not necessary.


Will the steel body of the fire pit get very hot?
The steel casing will get warm, but not very hot.
If the space between the fireplace and the table is left larger than 1.5 cm, the table top will never suffer from any adverse effects.


Can the fire table be uses under a canopy or umbrella?
Because there are no sparks, the fire pit table can be operated under a sturdy umbrella.
Never fold or unfold an umbrella when the fire is burning.


Can the fire pit table be used indoors?
The table fire is designed for outdoor use or places where there is a constant supply and discharge of outside air, such as a terrace, balcony, open conservatory or gazebo.


What warranty does a fire table or fire pit insert have?
Factory defects are subject to a 100% warranty within one year of the invoice date.
Troubleshooting / error recovery is free of charge, provided that the manuals / conditions of use are properly followed.


How should the fire pit be maintained?
When properly used, the fireplace requires little maintenance. However, it is a good idea to carefully remove the stones once a year and to blow the burners and the body with an air compressor or to vacuum out all the dust and the like with a vacuum cleaner. Every year the gas hose and the rubber of the gas pressure regulator must be checked. The gas hose and the rubber of the gas pressure regulator must be replaced once every 3 years.
The black powder-coated burner casing and lid may be rubbed with a car wax. The burner itself with holes under the stones, however, NOT!
A stainless steel fire pit can be cleaned with a stainless steel cleaner.