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The stainless steel BBQ wood stove / outdoor fireplace is highly suitable for wonderful warm evenings for both a city garden and a more rural environment. The fireplace has a large opening: easy to refill and it provides the necessary ‘draft’, so that dry wood gets enough oxygen to burn properly.


The perfect outdoor fireplace with fantastic BBQ options!


This sturdy and attractive outdoor wood stove is made of high-quality stainless steel. As a result, the patio fireplace has a very long lifespan, is maintenance-free and can remain outside during summer and winter. Due to the great radiation heat, you can enjoy a delicious fire on your terrace at any time of the year.

In a second, a perfect party BBQ grill can be made of the wood stove: as soon as you hang the stainless steel grill above the fire, the party can really begin.

The outdoor fireplaces are also available in the well-known stainless steel color, the shiny steel changes color after a longer period of heating and eventually turns brown. This gives the outdoor fireplace a tough and robust character.

This high-quality wooden fireplace is designed and produced in the Netherlands and comes standard with a spark arrestor, which also ensures that no water can rain in.
The fireplace is powdercoated in black but can also be supplied in bare stainless steel. The shiny stainless steel colour changes with use and gives the outdoor fireplace a robust character.


– Stove diameter 45 cm

–  Thickness of the stove body: 1.4 mm (stainless steel AISI 441 for good corrosion resistance and can withstand temperatures up to 950 ° C)
– Chimney diameter: 16 cm
–  Thickness of chimney pipe and stove bottom: 0.8 mm
– Height of the stove: 1.50 m
–  Total height 2.45 m

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This outdoor wood stove is made of a ferritic stainless steel and is characterized by a high resistance to corrosion. The stainless steels used contains chromium as the only main alloying element. They are chromium steels with a maximum carbon content of 0.1%. Because of that low carbon content, those chrome steels are not hardenable. The ferritic stainless steels contain 11% to 17% chromium without nickel and are magnetic. Furthermore, the material is well resistant to high temperatures and acids with a low concentration. The thickness of the material in the fireplaces is 1.44 mm. Similar to a thickness used in pressure vessels, pipes and hot water vessels.


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